Thursday, November 1, 2012

OOTD: Resolutions and Rennovations

I got dressed up to do a bit of cleaning around the house and yet MORE yard work. It's been a battle and a half with all the trees on this property and, of course, the wicked winds that seem to deposit the entire city's leaves in our driveway. Luckily, since I love the fall, I also love the chores that come with fall.

Dressed warmly and ready for action.

I thought I'd use this as a nice excuse to get into what other bloggers do occasionally which is an Outfit of the Day post. This helps as a jumping off point I think. You talk about clothes if you want or just use it as an excuse to photograph your lovely self and then talk about whatever you want!

Still rocking the residual hairspray from last night.

Soo um clothes... The shirt I picked up at Goodwill a couple weeks ago on the most successful thrifting trip I've ever had. The pants are from Fashion Bug. The vest is Torrid. Shoes are... Target? Maybe? They're old, stinky, and falling apart and I love them. 

In other news, LEAVES!!!

And a ghost in the picture apparently?

I didn't really get any good shots of the sheer amount of leaves that had clogged up our drive way, but I have a mountain of bags full of leaves to prove it if anyone is doubting. I mostly just took these pictures because who doesn't like to look at pretty fall things. 

Finally, I just got word that my basement home will almost certainly be ready for me in a little over a week! Yay! The floors are leveled and the flooring is going down by Monday at the latest. Then it's just the odds and ends that need doing and I drive down Sunday the 11th and start settling in. After that all I need to do is GET A JOB! So if anyone in the St. Louis area knows of anywhere that is hiring someone spunky with varied experience levels in many fields, let me know. 

Love, Lara

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