Saturday, September 29, 2012

20 @ 26

Inaugural Link Up

To really kick this blog off in the right direction I want to break the first rule of fat ladies on the internet and post a full body picture of myself shamelessly. To give me a decent excuse to do this I am participating in The Nearsighted Owl's "I am proud of my size" Link Up. For her, it's number 17. For me, the first of many. Shall we get on with this? Yep.

Every girl's worst nightmare: an empty closet.

I go into a bit of a rant here so I'm putting this under a jump. 

Friday, September 28, 2012


Oh, look. Another blog from a mid-20s fat lady. 

It's hard to wave at a camera you're holding yourself.

So, yeah. After doing extensive research wherein I ate like half a jar of peanut butter while reading body positive fashion and food blogs with Supernatural playing in the background, I decided I was doing neat things too AND I too am fat and happy. Why shouldn't the internet get to hear my voice or read my voice, I guess?

Let me introduce myself then. I'm 26, in between cities though at this second located in the quaint town of South Bend, IN, and a freelance transcriptionist. This essentially means that I have a lot of free time, not a lot of money, and an exceptional word per minute rate. I have dabbled in many things: print making, metal sculpture, print making, figure drawing, comic making, trombone and saxophone playing, singing, ukulele playing, piano playing, t-shirt designing, radio producing, sound editing, and uhh foods baking. I'm a jack of all trades, master of none, but I don't let that get me down. I enjoy everything I do and hope that others like it as well. I appreciate the talent in others way more than my own most times and I don't take compliments easily although I secretly love them. 

This pose is called "The Great Gobbler."

After four years of living with one of my best friends (see above photo) and eight years in the Windy City total, I have finally decided to relocate. I am in the extremely slow process of moving to St. Louis into a house with another couple of my best friends (see photo below.) They are currently renovating their basement for me to move into and while it's taking longer than anyone could have expected I am staying in one of my parents' houses in South Bend. In repayment for their generosity I am undertaking the project of decorating this house and making it ready for future renters. I try to squeeze thrift store shopping and crafting in to my busy schedule of TV watching, internetting, and gaming. Trust me; it's a hard life. 

A modern American Gothic.

That all being said, I hope that you will welcome me to your community. I'm happy to be here.