Sunday, November 4, 2012

Everything is up to date in Kansas City

I may have mentioned that I recently went to Kansas City for the very first time. I can't say that this was on my list of top places to visit, but I was pleasantly surprised by KC nonetheless.

My gal pal, Ann, and I struck out for KC and were overwhelmed by how nice the hotel was that her company put us in. Even though it was a Holiday Inn, it was a boutique version called the Aladdin. Built in a restored and historically listed art deco building, all I can say is the Aladdin is RAD, y'all. I wish I had taken more pictures during this trip, but it was all a bit of a blur. If you want to check it out yourselves, please do at The Aladdin website.

While the free champagne, affordable valet, and cushy rooms were super nice, we were there with a purpose: to attend an art show for a sister to Ann's company, Fine Line Studios. I can't remember the name of the studio we attended off the top of my head. If I remember or get around to asking Ann, I'll edit it in later. Fine Line Studios and it's affiliates works with developmentally disabled adults to find and focus their creative side through art instruction and outreach. Also, super rad. Seriously, if you're into art and awesome people, I'd check them out. You can do that here.

Now, please enjoy some photos of us and a small sample of the art we witnessed.

Looking fine.
 I have a few of the "we're so cute" photos, so I'll intermingle them with the others. Clever, I know.

Part of the studio that was doubling as a gallery.

I told you we were cute.

That is actually a giant eyeball structure behind those paintings. 

Still cuting it up.

Some awesome ceramic work. I liked the little penguin.

After checking out the gallery and making a purchase, which hopefully I'll show on here at some point in the future, Ann, I, and her co-workers struck out into the Kansas City night to do some gallery hopping and eventually some pre-Halloween partying. 

Dramatic music plays here.

The first gallery was probably the most interesting. I was introduced to Jennifer Jarnot's work and was completely blown away. Very stylized, very fluid, and yet very pop art. I loved her concept of using such a familiar style and playing with it in ways that brought something new to the table. Some comments that were made by others included a disappointment that it seemed to be all the same. I personally disagree. It was a single show of many artists, not a retrospective on an entire life's work and development. 

The ukes were my favorite, but I'm biased.

You should seriously check her work out. This is an article and interview about her and I would highly advise reading it. If you don't, I do want to copy one of her pieces into this blog post as I found it one of the most striking things of the evening.

birds of reflection . jennifer jarnot . 2012

At the same gallery (?), I think, there was a wing dedicated to politically themed works which to me = yawn for the most part. I feel like there hasn't been anything original done with this in so long that I just don't really care anymore. How many statements about dehumanization of government and Walmart being evil can be made? No more than have already been apparently. 

There was ONE standout. A group of ladies dressed in varying historical garb with picket signs regarding women's rights. I had their card and like the responsible person I am, I totally lost it. Anyhow, their message was clear, their execution was right on, and it was fun! Cheers to them. Have a picture.

After the galleries, we all went out to various parties. People got super drunk and danced. I did neither because I'm a big stick in the mud and also the permanent DD. Also, there was a gigantic gun.

End scene. I did tons more in Kansas City, but I think that is more than enough for one blog post. Oh! Did I mention I had about 2 hours sleep before this incredibly LONG day? Now I did. 

Love, Lara

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