Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Talking About Fat

Can we talk about Gaga for a second?

According to the internet, something incredibly important has happened. Lady Gaga gained 25 lbs after eating a whole lot of Italian food. Earth shattering, right? I know. I stumbled across this revelation on The Daily Mail, you can see the original article here. Now I know that so little goes on in the world that digging for stories like a couple extra pounds is nothing but I'm not even here to talk about that. 


After reading the article and wondering why I had, I came across the comments section. I made the ghastly mistake of not instantly closing the page and burning my eyes right out of my skill and actually stuck around to read some of them. I'm not even going to talk about the bad, fat shaming, what a cow, how can I jerk off to this, did she eat Madonna comments. They happen. I'm over it. Whatever. What I do want to address is the "supporting" or "fat friendly" or "helpful" comments. I have had just about enough of people making excuses about fat be it mine or anyone else's. Who's business is that I am fat or how I managed to get that way? Sure, Mr. Fat Shaming Guy, maybe I did eat one too many donuts and should know better now that you've enlightened me. It's possible, Ms. Voice of Reason, that I have a thyroid condition or that the weight gain is due to a Lupus diagnosis. But you know what, it doesn't matter. Fat is fat. 

How dare she look this fat. J'accuse!
I don't want people to try and excuse away my fat. I don't need people to make it more palatable by making it seem like I have a good reason to be that way. Maybe I'm this way because I like it. Maybe I'm this way because I'm too lazy to be any other way. Maybe you should just leave it the hell alone. Writing fat off with an excuse like a mental disorder or physical problem belittles the fat person. It assumes that something HAS to be wrong with you if you're fat. It's like making a point to compliment a fat friend on some existent or not weight loss. Oh, you look great. Did you lose weight? Not only are you implying that there was something wrong with the way they looked before, but you also assume that they want to hear they lost weight. Not every fat person is begging to be thinner. 

I am currently losing weight for a reason that I don't care for. I'm on a restrictive low fat, non-dairy diet because of gallbladder issues. I have an extremely painful attack that can last for hours and requires drugs they give to cancer patients about once a week. But, oh yes, I am pleased as punch that I've dropped five pounds already. Joyful. 

Who knows? Maybe I do have a weird thyroid issue that keeps me at a usually steady 235 lbs even though I used to eat a pretty normal diet. I don't know. It isn't affecting my health in any other relevant way as far as I can tell. I'm happy with my fat. Stop trying to take that away from me. 

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